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LPN - The Right Career Choice?

By Andrea M Jones
LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse and is the initial nursing qualification. In order to qualify as an LPN you must undertake a course on a training program which has been approved by the State Board of Nursing. The course is usually 18 months to two years long but can be as short as 12 months.

At the end of the training course, prospective candidates must pass an examination. The licensing examination is called the NCLEX-PN and is essential if you wish to go on and practice as a nurse.

Once licensed the nurse can undertake a variety of both simple and complex medical procedures, but should only do so under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or a physician.

Usually, before being admitted to an approved training program you must demonstrate as a minimum that you have a high school diploma and do not have a criminal record, although increasingly, possibly as demand for the qualification grows, there are training courses which will accept you on the course without high school diploma, indeed in some cases students can start LPN programs while still in high school through vocational programs.

There are many approved training schools providing the necessary qualification programs across the country. Indeed in 2006 the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that there were more than 1,500 state approved training courses in practical nursing. Since that time there have been a significant number of programs that have been designed specifically for learning online.

Most courses still however require a clinical aspect to the training which is difficult to undertake on a distance basis, so it is likely that attendance as some form of organized clinical training events will still be required. There are however many local vocation schools and technical LPN programs that offer complete courses or just specific aspects of the training regime as well as community colleges.

Once qualified LPN's are able to undertake a wide variety of activities, from simple measurements for example taking a patients temperature or blood pressure, through to administering CPR on a patient who is suffering a cardiac arrest. Most of the time however they will be administering basic care to elderly, infirm or recuperative patients in a non-hospital environment.

Andrea Jones provides valuable advice about the background, qualification procedure and opportunities presented to anyone thinking of undertaking an LPN course.

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A Worklife Freedom and Flexibility Manifesto

By Jonathan Pincas
The shackles of a 9-5 job are all too obvious for those who are wearing or have worn them. Need to go to the dentist on Thursday? Get permission from your boss. Fancy a couple of days off in May? No chance. Got drunk on Tuesday? Need to work the night shift on Wednesday? Forget it. Not really into that assignment? Want to ditch it? Not happening. Disagree with the ethical policy of your company? Bite your tongue. Fancy earning double next year? Dream on.

Everybody has their own pet hate about their job or career, but complaints tend to follow a predictable pattern and revolve around a real or perceived lack of freedom: freedom to create your own present and to shape your own future. The Say No! to the Office philosophy is about renouncing the shackles and embracing this freedom.

The aim of the "Worklife Freedom and Flexibility Manifesto" is to present a number of principles which spell out in more detail the freedoms that Non-9-to-5'ers seek. It's not about political or social activism - it's a blueprint for complete worklife freedom to be discussed, reflected upon and honed. Maybe you don't agree with, or necessarily desire, all of these - that's fine - they are tenets, ideals or objectives. If only one or two of them are important to you, strive to make those a reality and ignore the rest. The general idea that underlies the principals is simple: they are based on the notion that in an ideal world, you should control:

* Where to work
* When to work
* How much to work
* Who to work for
* What to work on
* How much to earn

So, without further ado, I give you the "Principles of Worklife Freedom". Read more about each principle in further articles in this series.
The Say No! to the Office Principles of Worklife Freedom

1. Freedom and Flexibility of Residency: The fundamentally important decision of where to live your life should not be made on your behalf, either tacitly or overtly, by an employer or general employment considerations. You live where you want to and work there.
2. Freedom and Flexibility of Mobility: You decide where you will be whilst working at any time. The boredom and restrictiveness of sitting at the same desk every day is unnecessary. Whether you want to work from your kitchen, your relatives house, or a hotel, you should be able to do so whenever you want with the flexibility to change without asking permission.
3. Freedom and Flexibility of Workload: You decide how much work to do during any day, week, month or year. It is not necessary or desirable to do exactly the same amount or duration of work everyday. Work is secondary to life - sometimes life demands more personal time, sometimes less. Work should be flexible enough to accommodate this.
4. Freedom and Flexibility of Working Hours: You decide when to do your work. It is not necessary to work at the same time every day and at the same time as everyone else. Some people may wish to work during the day, others during the evening. Some people may wish to work intensively for 3 days a week, others may prefer to work 2-3 hours a day, seven days a week.
5. Freedom and Flexibility of Client: If you're self employed, you have clients. If you're employed, your employer is just a client buying your labour. You decide who your clients are and are free and able to change clients easily, avoiding total dependence on any one of them. You are not a slave. Whatever type of work you do, the person you really work for is yourself.
6. Freedom and Flexibility of Assignment: You decide which projects to work on based on your own motivation, financial needs, skills and interests. You avoid boredom caused by unsuitable or repetitive work assignments that serve only the corporate purpose. You seek constant stimulation from interesting and challenging projects. Work should be enjoyable.
7. Freedom and Flexibility of Remuneration: You control the factors that directly and indirectly determine your present and future earnings. You are not restricted to the same income month after month. You are not restricted to small incremental yearly increases in income and a predictable financial future. You are not a wage-slave.

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Senior Care Jobs

By Julie Northcutt
What opportunities are available for employment in senior care?

Senior care jobs are available in retirement communities, senior home care agencies and nursing homes. Retirement communities employ managers, sales, support and care staff, usually consisting of a Registered Nurse and a few Certified Nursing Aides to support the community. Senior home care agencies employ managers consisting of registered nurses and social workers along with office and field staff including schedulers, recruiters, bookkeepers and receptionists or in-take coordinators. Field staff consists of Certified Nursing Aides, Home Health Aides and Certified Personal Care Assistants (all states in the U.S.A. certify nursing aides and additional senior care certfications vary by state).

What training is required? Some positions do not require training beyond a caring personality. Other positions require experience in that area of expertise. Non-medical senior home care agencies are able to staff companion caregivers in most states. These caregivers receive caregiver training through the senior care agency and the only requirements are dependablility, compassion and experience interacting with seniors.

What certifications are required? Retirement communities and nursing homes usually require caregivers to be certified as a nursing aide. Senior home care agencies are considered non-medical and may require some caregivers who are working in nursing facilities or reimbursed by long-term care insurance to be certified nursing aides or certified home health aides or certified personal care assistants if these certifications are offered in the state where care services are provided.

What are the job duties? The caregiving job duties will consist of: companionship, light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation (and planning), assisting with personal care and safe transfers, exercise coaching, medication monitoring and errands. Mental and physical exercises along with social activities may be included in the senior's plan of care.

How do you become certified as a nursing aide? You should check the certification requirements in your state. Many community colleges offer nursing aide certification programs and some hospitals and nursing homes may also offer the nursing aide certification. You are usually able to obtain certification within 6 to 12 weeks, depending on if you attend a full-time or part-time program. After finishing a certification program, you will be required to take the state exam. Usually your program will provide you with practice tests. Skills learned include proper emotional interaction with the senior, along with how to bathe, transfer and maintain cleanliness in the patient's environment. Feeding tube and colostomy maintenance are also taught.

Are positions full-time or part-time? Both full-time and part-time positions are available as often seniors will only need part-time services in their home when additional care is first needed. Many times senior home care agencies will need to staff morning or afternoon or evening caregivers in order to meet a senior's care needs, which means a wide variety of part-time schedules are available. This makes companion care an attractive opportunity for both seniors and students.

How do you find available senior care positions? It is always a good idea to obtain some experience through volunteering at a senior center, nursing home. Opportunities also exist through associations for age-related diseases such as Parkinson's Disease or Alzheimer's Disease. You may also explore senior caregiving jobs through career centers for caregivers where one application will reach all the senior care companies in your area.

Julie A. Northcutt, CEO of Caregiverlist, Inc., works to connect seniors and their loved ones with quality senior care options and caregivers with employment opportunities and has been working in the senior care industry for more than 10 years. provides information on elderly care and assists in finding premier senior home care agencies by qualifying your care needs and required services.

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FedEx Careers - Lots of Pros and Very Few Cons

By Will Stone
In today's world and in today's economy it is tough to find a good, well paying career. FedEx Careers offers many well paying jobs with tremendous benefits for people in all aspects of life. Whether you start out on the ground floor as a package handler or high up on the managerial ladder FedEx takes great care of you. FedEx is one of the best known shipping and receiving companies in the world and is proud of its reputation.

When you get a job at FedEx you can rest assured that the benefits they offer all employees are second to none. They treat all of their employees as if they were the CEO of the company. With benefits like discounts on items through the FedEx website for employees to health benefits to discounted airplane tickets. Factor in a competitive wage and a fun environment to work in where people get along and look forward to going to work everyday you experience with FedEx Careers will be a memorable one.

Along with all of that, factoring in today's tough economic times and inevitable layoffs companies all across the country are facing, FedEx managers across the board agreed a few months back to take pay cuts so they could minimize layoffs nationwide. It showed just how much the company cares about their workers and how important truck drivers, off loaders and package handlers are to them. These people who took pay cuts could have very easily declined the pay cut and let go of workers, it wouldn't have affected them too much if they work in the Atlanta office and someone who drives trucks in Boston got laid off. But they were willing to help everyone out throughout then entire company.

You can see that with all of the positives going on at FedEx it is tough to find many negatives. They serve multi-billion dollar businesses ship packages overnight across the world, they ship for small businesses across North America and they also cater to people sending packages to family and friends. With millions of people working for them around the world and billions of people relying on them to ship packages, the people who work for FedEx take their job very seriously and professionally.

Will Stone has offered employment tips and company background information for years to those that are looking to improve their lives. Click here for some more information on FedEx Careers or to learn more about what Will Stone offers take a look at his Employment News Site. It has always been important for one to be a productive member of society and one way is to have a positive impact as either an employer or employee and Will does all he can to offer aid to those with the same though process.

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What They Don't Teach You in School About Getting a Job - 5 Things You Need to Learn Right Now

By Lynn King
Many of us spend a lot of time and invest significant amounts of money in our education. Unfortunately, most high schools and colleges do not teach us key skills we need to survive in the real world. There are 5 things you need to know before you try to find a job - and they don't teach you this in school!

1. Where should you look?
Gone are the days when searching the Classifieds of the local paper is the best way to find a great job. Many companies no longer advertise their positions in newspapers. To start your job search, look at key web sites on the internet like or career Posting your resume and/or building a personal website is a great way to get your name in front of employers. You should also network with family and friends to find out about opportunities with local companies.

2. What do you need to apply for a job?
Resumes are important and there are a lot of reference materials you can use to learn how to write an effective one. Invest some time in how to write a good resume and keep it brief and error-free. In addition to the resume, most companies now want to hear about your personal experiences. Be prepared to provide specific examples of how you've learned something or used a skill. Prove that you are good at something by explaining how you succeeded in that area in the past.

3. What about the interview?
Preparing for an interview is critical. You need to know as much about the company you are meeting with as possible. Find someone willing to partner with you to practice so that you are actually answering questions in a conversation with someone. Get feedback so that you can improve how you come across. Be comfortable with yourself so that others will feel comfortable around you. Confidence is important, and so are sincerity and credibility. Consider talking with a professional coach to get guidance on effective communication skills.

4. How should I leave the interview?
Be prepared with a sentence or two that sums up why you are a good candidate for the position. Focus on your strengths and reasons you want the job. Explain what you can bring to the company that may not be common with other employees. What is different about you? Do not leave the interview before you've made a clear statement about why you should be hired. Ask when you should expect to be contacted and if it's ok if you contact them for an update on their decision. There is no reason that you should be left in the dark.

5. What should I do after the interview?
A lot of things have changed about the interview process, but neglecting to send a thank you note or e-mail is a mistake. Take the time to write a sincere note of appreciation for the chance to talk with them. A personal note will stand out with a potential employer. You never know when you might cross paths again, even if you don't get a job offer this time.

Find help now getting the job you really want. Contact Lynn King, Coach/Trainer, Access Coaching & Training at Click on Access Coaching & Training now for a free initial consultation!

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Jobs at Kohl's Despite the Economy

By Will Stone
Kohl's department store based out of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin offers a wide variety of jobs, from management, to retail to loss prevention to modeling! With department stores like Linens and Things and Talbots closing their doors, it's an understatement to say that the economy has had a negative effect on retail. However, Kohl's continues to keep their locations all over the country open, and by all accounts, in the grim economy, the outlook is good for people looking for jobs at Kohl's to find what they are looking for in the upcoming year.

As with any job, the interview process requires preparation and professionalism. The interview process for jobs at Kohl's differs from position to position and is going to be more involved, the higher the position. If modeling is the desired position, the company mainly works with talent agencies in Wisconsin.

Applications are available online or in the store, again as with most jobs, it is recommended to apply in-person and to pick up an application in-person that you can ask to speak with a manager. It is important to look professional at all times, even if you are only going into the store to pick up an application.

In retail, it is important to maintain a high level of attention to customer service, and this is especially true at Kohl's, a company that prides itself on having a reputation for great customer service. A simple search on the internet will find you any amount of blogs about the high quality of the customer service at Kohl's.

However, if you are not a person who is known for your ability to work with many customers at any given time, there still may be jobs at Kohl's for you. When looking for a job, always stay positive, maintain your professionalism, and don't let the economy get you down. You can find a great job, and you can find it at Kohl's.

Will Stone has offered employment tips and company background information for years to those that are looking to improve their lives. Click here for some tips on how to fill out an Online Job Application that gets results or to learn more about what Will Stone offers take a look at his Employment News Site. It has always been important for one to be a productive member of society and one way is to have a positive impact as either an employer or employee and Will does all he can to offer aid to those with the same though process.

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Resumes For New Job Seekers

Resumes For New Job Seekers
By Brian G Chadra
For a new job seeker, the resume is an all important tool. Being able to adequately describe your total essence in one page of paper is a true skill. Look at how many people make a full time living just working with resumes. The basic layout of a resume include five sections labeled header, job objective, education, experience and miscellaneous.

Lets examine each one to find out what should be included. In the header area, include your full name, address, home and cell phone numbers and a professional email. Get one if you don't have one. They are cheap and plentiful. Make sure that this information is current, employers won't contact you if they can't contact you.

In the job objective area, state what you are looking for by reading the posting and putting a few keywords in your statement. You have just target the resume specifically for that job. Under education, list all schools attended, dates and degrees awarded. Include key classes and lab experiences relevant to the occupation of choice. This is probably more important than experience at this point. Some employers will even accept education in lieu of experience.

After this put your work history under the experience label. List any and all jobs here including full or part time and even volunteer work. There are plenty of valuable skills that you picked up while doing these things that you didn't even realize. These could be handling money, working effectively with a team or being able to coordinate a fundraiser. Most employers look fondly upon these characteristics.

Finally, list your hobbies or interests. These can show you are well rounded and may strike a chord with the hiring manager who may share the same ones with you. Make sure to spell check and read the resume for grammar. Have at least 2 friends or mentors critique it as well before final printing. Now go get that job. Good luck!

Until next time

OK, you are still worried that your resume isn't good enough. How about a program that will do the job for you in less than 30 minutes? Sound too good to be true? Well, check this out for yourself. Way too many extras than can be listed here. Get the help and resources that you need to draft that winning resume. It takes less than 30 minutes to make a winner. Check this out now!
Best regards,

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How to Write an Attention Grabbing Resume

By Brian G Chadra
This article focuses on grabbing the attention of a human resources person or department manager who is reading your resume. This is a skill and shouldn't be taken light. It does take some work on your part, but once you know the trick it can be simple to do once you have mastered the concepts that I am about to teach you. Don't underestimate the importance of using these skills.

Remember, if your resume doesn't get noticed by somebody, you don't get that personal interview and a subsequent employment opportunity. The first step is to carefully read the job posting for minimum educational and duty requirements. This is what we are going to use in our attention grabbing ploy. Assuming that your skill set is similar to what is needed in the employment listing, look for keywords or buzzwords that are part of the job posting. Make a list of these on a scrap piece of paper.

Now, read your job objective on your resume. Are they similar? Probably not, so sprinkle a few of the keywords from the posting into your statement and rewrite it to sound plausible. It must sound good when read out loud. Practice this until it flows easily off your tongue. Once it does, you will most likely get the attention of the human resources person who makes the first read of the stack of resume which typically respond to a job posting. You have just targeted the resume to match the position. Since the HR person is trained to skim resume for keywords, you have just made the first cut. Way to go! Use this technique to laser target your resume for future postings. You have now set yourself apart from the crowd.

Good luck!

Until next time,


OK, you are still worried that your resume isn't good enough. How about a program that will do the job for you in less than 30 minutes? Sound too good to be true? Well, check this out for yourself. Way too many extras than can be listed here. Get the help and resources that you need to draft that winning resume. It takes less than 30 minutes to make a winner. Check this out now!

Best regards,


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Top 5 Resume Lies

By Shelley Phelps
While exaggerated and false resume claims have always been an issue, job candidates are more likely than ever to lie on applications and resumes in these difficult economic times. Unfortunately, small businesses are more negatively impacted by falsified credentials and/or fraudulent job claims, as every employee in a small company has a significant impact on overall performance, employee morale and the bottom line. Compounding this problem is the fact that applicants are more inclined to lie to small businesses because they believe that these companies are less likely to conduct pre employment background checks.

A recent report compiled by HireRight outlined the five most common lies told by job candidates to potential employers. Here are the highlights of that report for you to keep a close eye on when you're hiring:

1. Exaggerating dates of past employment -- It is estimated that as many as 34% of all resumes include discrepancies related to previous employment.
2. Falsifying the degree or credential earned -- Approximately 20% of job candidates exaggerate or lie about education qualifications.
3. Inflating salary or job title -- This is a common issue, as most job candidates are looking to get a better job or a higher salary.
4. Concealing a criminal record -- Statistics show that about 11% of all background checks return a criminal record.
5. Hiding a drug habit -- Since 42% of Americans admit to having used an illegal drug in their lifetime, screening candidates for drug use is a good idea.

Performing employment history and educational background checks, criminal record checks and pre employment drug testing will help to determine if the candidate you're looking to hire is being honest, or if they've told one of these five top lies.

Shelley Phelps is a Background Screening Specialist with Corporate Investigations, Inc, a national provider of background screening services headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Putting Your Resume on the Web

By Brian G Chadra
Putting your resume on the web will almost certainly guarantee that a whole host of new people will get to view your information. There are hundreds of job posting sites available that will be glad to upload your resume to their database. With more resumes available, they can demand more in advertising fees for companies wishing to be seen as well. Some of these web sites are specialized as well, such as Dice for technology jobs for instance.

If you are in a specialized area, you may wish to do a query in a search engine for posting sites in your particular area of expertise. Most sites will allow you to upload your resume in different formats. Two that immediately come to mind are ASCII (text) and Microsoft Word (.doc). If you are using Word, please save your paper as version 2003 and not 2007 since some companies have not upgraded their software as of yet and won't be able to open the resume. They won't try again either so make it easy on them to do so. Another consideration that you need to be aware of is identity thieves who are looking for an easy way to make some money.

In the header part of your resume, you may want to include only your name here. Any more is asking for trouble since an email address and phone number is a gold mine for criminals who prey on such unsuspecting job seekers. Look for a site that will let you post with only your name on the resume or better yet, anonymously. They can assign you a unique identifier number that will allow a prospective employer to contact you only through the site. That's it, good luck!

Until next time,

Brian C

OK, you are still worried that your resume isn't good enough. How about a program that will do the job for you in less than 30 minutes? Sound too good to be true? Well, check this out for yourself. Way too many extras than can be listed here. Get the help and resources that you need to draft that winning resume.
It takes less than 30 minutes to make a winner. Check this out now!

Best regards,


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Free Online Resume Tips

By Brian G Chadra
You've made the decision to put your resume online, submitting it to the job posting boards to get more exposure and exponentially increase the number of potential employers that get to see your information. The internet is about information anyway and with jobs hard to come by it is essential to advertise your job skills to as many people as possible. But who else will notice your personal information and how can you safeguard your identity while still maximizing views by companies looking for qualified workers.

The first thing you can do is post anonymously. Many job boards are offering this service to individuals as a way to get their resume in the database without also putting the individual at risk. Some even don's show the header portion of the resume, but only the balance of the paper allowing employers to contact a worker through the posting site. If this isn't the case, go find another place to host your resume. There are many different job boards available online, so don't feel that you owe one particular place any loyalty if they don't meet your needs. Another options is to leave only your name in the header portion of the resume.

In this way, none of your personal information is left on the paper and without any contact information, identity thieves can't gain access to needed data to perform their mischief. Be sure to know what format that the job posting board is looking for before uploading your resume. Many use Microsoft Word (.doc) format and if that is the case, save the resume in version 2003 and not 2007 since many companies don't have the latest version of Word yet.

That's it, good luck!

Until next time,

Brian C

OK, you are still worried that your resume isn't good enough. How about a program that will do the job for you in less than 30 minutes? Sound too good to be true? Well, check this out for yourself. Way too many extras than can be listed here. Get the help and resources that you need to draft that winning resume.
It takes less than 30 minutes to make a winner. Check this out now!

Best regards,


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Resumes For College Grads

By Brian G Chadra
Writing a resume for a college graduate is similar in many respects to that of any other type. In this case, however, the education section is probably more important than the experience area. Recent college graduates have the latest and greatest information available - especially in the areas of technology and science. In these venues, information is exchanged quite rapidly, sometimes updated daily as new advancements are discovered and shared in their respective communities.

So it's this particular strength that you want to highlight for prospective employers. Having the standard header and job objective parts of the resume completed, place your education header next, since it is the first thing an employer will really take a good look at. List the college attended along with dates and degrees awarded. Now, since you are probably short on experience but long on education, let's really showcase this to companies. Many employers will grant education in lieu of experience -- especially the U.S. government, they offer many paid holidays and a great pension plan if you are interested in working for Uncle Sam. Now list any relevant classes that you took that relate to the job sector being targeted.

Be sure to include any laboratories that can be used to prove a knowledge or awareness of this occupation. In addition, list any work study, internship or co-op experience that was a part of the degree program (or not). This shows a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty while also demonstrating a more well-rounded individual to a firm. Be sure to finish up with any job experience that you have had in the past no matter how small. Being able to hold a job is important, no minimize this achievement. Finally include any hobbies or volunteer work or awards that you have gained. Sometimes these will strike a chord with a manager, giving you a foot in the door. That's it, good luck!

Until next time,


OK, you are still worried that your resume isn't good enough. How about a program that will do the job for you in less than 30 minutes? Sound too good to be true? Well, check this out for yourself. Way too many extras than can be listed here. Get the help and resources that you need to draft that winning resume. It takes less than 30 minutes to make a winner. Check this out now!

Best regards,


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Why Do Some Leaders Seem to Draw Charismatic and Magnetic People to Them Without Even Trying?

By Kathy Munslow
We probably all know someone who seems to draw charismatic and magnetic people to them from everywhere without even trying. And often times these people will go on to achieve massive results in their lives. Ever wondered what their secret is? What makes them stand out from the crowd? Let's look at a few leaders and see if we can find some common ground.

Richard Branson was around 15 years of age when he decided he wanted to give the students a voice. He proceeded to sell ad space for a magazine that didn't even exist. And he got buy in. He then went on to start a small mail order record business to provide cheap music. This later became Virgin Records.

Warren Buffet had about $100 when he spotted his first investment house, which was going to cost over $100,000. He faced some fierce opposition along the way, but he now has a net worth of multi billions.

Donald Trump's first investment was the Commodore hotel. It was totally run down and had a shocking reputation, as part of it was a massage parlour. Not only did he get buy in from multiple parties, one of them was the city!

So all these leaders have fought the odds and won. But how?

The first thing they quite obviously had was a clear dream and vision of what they wanted. Even against the odds, they had to truly believe their goal was achievable. But that was only part of the equation. You see in all of these cases, they also had to get the buy in from other people. They had to get other people to believe that their dream was worth investing in.

Charismatic and magnetic leaders can bring people together who not only control and believe in their own destiny, but they also spur others on to achieve massive results through their beliefs. This is when you get synergy among people, and synergy is a powerful force. When you get groups of people working synergistically towards a common goal, you often see results that are 100, or even 1000 times beyond what they could achieve if they were working alone.

This is in line with J. Paul Getty's saying "I'd rather have 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own effort".

So believe in your dreams, and then convince others that your dream is worth investing in. Once you start the wheels of synergy in motion it can become an unstoppable beast!

Kathy Munslow is an internet marketer and mentor, who loves helping others achieve greater levels of success in their lives. To find out more about Kathy and what she does, visit

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Born Free

By Reginald Gee
This title "Born Free" must now represent two of the most popular words the world has ever known. This title instantly bring so much more to mind, not simply the lioness Elsa they came to represent but the career of one of the most popular velvet voiced of British singers, Mr Matt Monro.

Columbia Pictures released the motion picture in 1966 the story of Joy and George Adamson, who as a result gained world fame. Incidentally, so did the actors who took their parts. James Barry added more never to be forgotten work to his repertoire with this ever lasting song.

What then you may ask has this to do with you, and quite rightly so. Well you were born free weren't you? You chose your own name your religion and learnt all the arts and skills you admired, all assisted you to do this to become that which you wanted to be.

No? Are you sure you were born free, few actually are, however the trick, if I may call it that comes when you do at least know that you want to be. You see most people only want to be some thing they call average, which is a form of club for nobodies where little happens, the really worse affected members of these people term this condition as normal.

You however will not get the freedom the lioness got until you are finally boxed, and as all others totally forgotten. This as incredible as it may seem is the highest aspirations of the many as shown by daytime television adverts.

For those among you who may wish to start again, as it were, to be born free. What then would you be looking for this time, as my skills are very limited. I only teach people how to be rich and successful, nothing more. Based on the fact I have already done so myself.

That's right I have nothing to do with wild life, motion pictures or singing artists, my only claim to any kind of fame is simple magic some have refer to as the Midas touch.

I teach people how to earn a lot of money, how can I do this all should ask, as it is the most important question of all.

Few if indeed any who's learned how to do this are prepared to show others how, most who could learn are too frightened to do so.

This is a rare subject, although the universities are crammed with students, few want any more than to learn how to make a living and have the wonderful goal of becoming average. As to whether or not these people feel they have been born free or not you will have to ask them, for I would doubt it. These are God's chosen people the sheep who follow the code laid down for them by whom, they do not know but they have to do this.

For those reading this prepared to extend the pattern of thoughts towards being born again to some extent ...

... visit me at Knoll House Interforum where we will try and expand your horizons.

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How to Stay Motivated During Hard Times

By Sal Provino
It all starts with a thought and thought leads to emotion, which leads to action and produce different results. If you are thinking that you can't do something, then change that thought and you might feel different about things. Our thoughts are so powerful that they produce the driving force behind our actions. Your personal motivation starts with a thought. What is not real may seem to be real, depending on what we are thinking because that effects your perception of life's experiences.

When the going gets tough we tend to take the point of least resistance because this is easiest and requires least effort on our behalf. This is part of being human. The pathway we choose to walk down can lead to situations that either help us overcome the problem, or in the worst scenario, we develop negative habits which may produce long term undesirable results. Even though it feels most comfortable at the time.

It is important to stay motivated and create consistent action that will promote positive outcomes for you. Therefore, try to identify what drives you and what motivates you. Remember to eliminate negative things from your everyday life. I once asked a good friend who was a successful platform speaker and he gave me a good tip, "I do that which strengthens me" - Bob McMinn.

What your mind will perceive, it will conceive. Yet, it is more powerful than any computer ever created. You have no idea what it is capable of. Try reading this jumbled up text below and prove to yourself how powerful your necktop computer really is. See just how much your brain and your mind together can unravel and achieve:

fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too. Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

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In times of personal hardship and disappointment a dark cloud hovers over your head and most people feel helpless against it. If you allow it to, negativity will settle in and before you know it you find yourself spiraling downward. Conversely, you want things to flow your way and for positive results to be a regular occurrence in your life. Synchronicity facilitates the flow of genuine happy events becoming part of your normal routine. Positive energy surrounds you and everything you touch literally turns to gold and the Law of Abundance blesses you daily. If this is what you seek, then here is a simple but powerful plan to make it happen. It is also a six-point plan for designing your own mood:

1. Arise Quickly - get out of bed immediately when you wake up. Give yourself purpose to look forward to a bright new day. Try not to linger on after the alarm clock goes off.

2. Say out loud, "It's a good day today!" This helps you start the day in a positive frame of mind. Look forward to joining the world!

3. Sing in the shower and in the car! Try being depressed when you sing... No Way! Singing sets the right mood for positive thinking. Sing at every chance you can!

4. Compliment others. Say something nice to different people at least three times a day. Enjoy life and invite the spirit of gratitude into your life. Do this and you will receive more goodness.

5. Read aloud, hear you own voice and appreciate the way you sound. I read aloud for at least five minutes each day. My brain hears it and accepts my own sound giving me security and creating a healthier self-esteem.

6. Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude - AVOID NEGATIVITY... Try and stay away from negative people. Don't buy into gossip. It helps if you focus more on the good in every situation and notice less negative stuff. When something unfavorable happens to you ask yourself: 'What am I learning from this experience?' this helps you see life from an objective point of view and reduces the emotional baggage.

Practicing and exercising the above six points daily will help improve your mood and stimulate personal motivation in challenging times. Your goal should always be to live a stress-free life full of creative and positive outcomes. Do you dare to move forward with confidence?

Sal Provino has been involved with coaching, tutoring and training for the past 25 years and specializes in personal and team development. Most people find it difficult to believe he was once extremely shy and introverted because he now speaks with articulation and passion. Since then, he has conducted his own local Radio Show, has held countless seminars and courses on Speaking Skills and has been a professional M.C. at more than four hundred weddings and public functions.

He believes anyone can have an enjoyable and memorable learning experience given the right programming. As Sal puts it, "It depends on the type of software you are uploading to your necktop computer". His website is rich with information for those wishing to stand above the rest. You may wish to visit the DIY Self Improvement section.

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Living a Passionate Life - How to Use "I" Language

By Paula Harvey
Designing a passionate life means owning the direction of your life. One way to do this is to use "I" language, which is taking personal responsibility for your world, situation, and your choices. Using "I" language is empowering to you and those around you.

YOU are in the driver's seat, not someone or something outside yourself. Notice how often you use "you" rather than "I" when you are speaking about your own emotions. When you use "I" language you will notice a difference in how you feel when talking to other people and you will notice a different response from them.

When you use the word "I" rather than you, it takes the responsibility off of the other person. When you do this, you will notice that people are less defensive and more willing to work through a difficult conversation. Think about how you would respond if someone said "You make me feel stupid", more than likely you aren't going to respond favorably.

However, if you were to say "I feel really stupid right now". This is much more honest and to the point. You are choosing to feel a certain way, based on what that other person does or doesn't do or say. You have given your power to the other person.

The following are examples of "I" phrases that give your power away and that you may recognize. Say them out loud and notice how you feel when you say them. How does it feel in your body? Are you energized or drained? What do you notice? What "I" phrases do you use that give your power to others?

Phrases That Give Your Power to Others
You should
The company makes me
You make me
When you
The system makes me

Now read the following phrases out loud and see how they feel. Do you notice a difference between this and the other phrases? How does it feel in your body? Are you energized or drained?

Phrases That Retain Your Power
I choose to
I desire to
I know
I intend
I can figure this out

What are the "I" phrases that you use throughout the course of your day that give your power away? Are you ready to change them and see what happens? Try out the following technique and see what happens.

Pick two days of the week and notice when you use "you" when speaking about how you feel during your conversations. Write down the phrases that you say, and then come up with alternative phrases. Implement one new phrase a day for a week and see what happens.

I wonder what would happen if you were able to identify your passions and start living in alignment with them? I offer tips and methods for living passionately on my blog. I'd like to invite you to receive my free Passion Deficit Disorder (PDD) Report and find out why passion is so important in your life and what you can do about it. You can get your instant access at

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Lowongan Kerja Sumber Daya Manusia Direktur

Suatu Ke dua Nampak/Wajah pada mulanya Kesan

Tak peduli bagaimana baik kamu lihat lowongan kerja secara tertulis, segalanya [yang] kamu lakukan dari bagaimana kamu perlakukan anggota masing-masing regu wawancara, ke apa yang kamu memakai ulang, lowongan kerja ke apa yang kamu katakan atau sepanjang wawancara dicatat, dan diperhitungkan menggunakan;merekrut keputusan. Jika kamu mengenakan percaya aku, lowongan kerja mendengarkan apa yang aku ve mendengar baru-baru ini dari menggunakan;merekrut para manajer tentang mengapa mereka menang jadilah bergerak maju dengan jika tidak calon berkwalitas.

Seorang Sumber Daya Manusia Direktur lowongan kerja mempunyai ini untuk kata[kan sekitar suatu tingkat calon senior siapa yang dulu dipertimbangkan untuk suatu jarak penglihatan yang tinggi memposisikan padanya: Ia menjaga aku menantikan beberapa beberapa menit ia menyelesaikan suatu percakapan telepon sel di (dalam) lobi, digagalkan untuk mengenali aku dari suatu lowongan kerja pertemuan lebih awal, dan didn t perlakukan aku sebagai panutan sepanjang wawancara memproses. Suatu salesman digunakan datang untuk mengurus. Keangkuhan, atau kesan lowongan kerja yang aku m lebih penting dibanding kamu, atau waktu ku jadilah lebih berharga dibanding waktu mu, pekikan karyawan sulit untuk semua orang lowongan kerja yang datang dalam hubungan dengan individu jenis ini . Suatu dibumbui/ pedas menggunakan;merekrut manajer akan dengan gembira menyimpan/pelihara suatu posisi membuka sampai suatu calon dengan suatu demeanor lebih profesional mengikuti/muncul.

Di (dalam) kategori sana tidak benar sebagai lowongan kerja hal pasti: Seorang tingkat eksekutip senior , terbiasa dengan organisasi ia sedang mewawancarai dengan, telah ditunjuk oleh CEO untuk mewawancarai untuk suatu Posisi Pengembangan Bisnis. Ia mempunyai semua bahan yang benar: pengalaman industri, suatu rolodex keemasan, dan suatu lembar;seprai istilah lowongan kerja mendaftarkan memperdagangkan U.S. dan luar negeri. Ia menjadi sangat nyaman bahwa ia manapun pertanyaan orang-orang pada regu wawancara tentang peran mereka di [perusahaan/ rombongan], pandangan mereka bisnis, atau bagaimana mereka mungkin bekerja sama dan meninggalkan dengan kesan yang ia sungguh tertarik pada mereka atau lowongan kerja perusahaan/ rombongan itu. Kepercayaan berlebih dapat salah ditanggapi sikap acuh tak acuh, dan sikap acuh tak acuh menyarankan, dengan baik, menyarankan kamu bisa mengambil atau me/tinggalkan suatu pekerjaan menawarkan. Sembilan kali ke luar dari sepuluh, kamu menang t mendapat/kan penawaran.

Madamkan untuk seorang Direktur Pengendalian Mutu dan sisa dari regu wawancara sependapat perusahaan/ rombongan: Calon, dengan siku pada dan tusuk gigi di tangan, yang dipungut gigi nya pada makan siang. Di (dalam) lowongan kerja kejadian lain, suatu Wakil Presiden Keuangan yang terdengar menjauhkan diri dari enam orang yang berbeda pada atas regu wawancara yang calon tertentu bersumpah seperti suatu pelaut selama masing-masing wawancara nya. Lakukan ibu mu pernah ceritakan kepada kamu untuk duduk lurus/langsung, mendapat/kan lowongan kerja siku mu batal/mulai tabel, atau mengamati bahasa mu? Dia lakukan [itu] untuk suatu alasan. Dia mengetahui bahwa orang lain oleh perilaku kita/kami. Calon tidak menaruh curiga masuk daerah pertambangan ini sejak semula, memukul/ bertiup kesempatan mereka untuk suatu undangan untuk ber/menggabung dengan suatu perusahaan/ rombongan.

Ketika mengapa ia wouldn t jadilah bergerak maju dengan suatu calon yang telah melamar suatu posisi Eksekutif Akun di dalam organisasi nya, Presiden perusahaan/ rombongan menjawab, Kemeja nya menjadi lowongan kerja sangat berkerut bahwa itu menyerupai ia d mengenakan ia/nya hari sebelumnya, balled atas suatu sudut ruang nya, menaruh ia/nya kembali pada pagi yang berikutnya dan mengenakan ia/nya kepada wawancara. Ia didn t genap mengganggu untuk mencoba dan ia/nya atas dengan meletakkan suatu jaket/sampul (di) atas itu. Pikiran ku adalah bahwa lowongan kerja jika ia couldn t genap memerlukan banyak waktu untuk menekan/mengesankan aku pada pertemuan pertama, apa ia ingin menjadi seperti dengan lowongan kerja pelanggan? Berpakaian untuk Sukses adalah jabatan suatu bisnis populer mencatat dalam yang 70 s, dan aturan sudah bersantai sedikit banyak karyawan pada [yang] teknik tinggi atau pantai barat perusahaan boleh berpakaian lebih biasanya dibanding karyawan di (dalam) perusahaan atau industri tradisional pada pantai timur, ada lowongan kerja hanya tiada maaf untuk kemeja berkerut, thigh-high menyusup atau coffee-stained ties pada suatu wawancara.

Keangkuhan, Kepercayaan berlebih, tatakrama tidak baik, dan pakaian tidak rapi adalah salah mengira bahwa tidak (ada) orang sedang diwawancarai dapat usahakan untuk membuat. Para profesional mengetahui lowongan kerja bahwa yang pasti untuk mendapat/kan penawaran adalah untuk mem-backup ketrampilan mereka menata dan pengalaman suatu kesan pertama yang meninggalkan tidak diragukan di (dalam) pikiran seseorang yang mereka ulang calon yang benar untuk pekerjaan.

Maka, jika kamu ve yang yang lowongan kerja merasa ragu mengapa kamu didn t mendapat/kan penawaran untuk suatu pekerjaan yang kamu ulang jika tidak berkwalitas untuk, kamu boleh ingin mengambil suatu nampak/wajah detik/second.

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Lowongan Kerja Para Manajer Setengah Umur

Para manajer Setengah umur, Digital Yang dilupakan Membagi

Yang digital membagi digambarkan lowongan kerja oleh permainan komputer peran di dalam pelebaran gap sosial di (dalam) masyarakat kondisi satu kelompok yang berkedudukan lebih baik atas kelompok lain dalam lowongan kerja hubungan dengan komputer, ketrampilan teknologi dan Internet mengakses.

Ini adalah pada umumnya pemikiran lowongan kerja sebagai hal yang suatu membagi masyarakat minoritas dan kelas menengah yang putih; tetapi ada yang lain sering melewatkan kelas nonusers, manajer lowongan kerja yang setengah umur. Sebagai ketrampilan komputer main suatu peran penting di (dalam) membangun karier, banyak orang belum memperoleh ketrampilan lowongan kerja teknologi yang perlu memerlukan untuk nafkah atas.

Menjadi orang buta huruf komputer di (dalam) hari ini high-tech dunia bisnis hampir tak dapat dibedakan dari yang sedang secara fungsional orang buta huruf. Dan sukar untuk percaya ada orang-orang sukses di (dalam) lowongan kerja dunia bisnis siapa yang tidak mengetahui bagaimana cara menggunakan suatu komputer. Yang sungguh sial, para ini salah mengira kepercayaan yang mereka dapat lowongan kerja menghindari komputer dan tinggal sukses tempat kerja.

Di (dalam) almarhum 1990 s, aku lowongan kerja telah disewakan oleh suatu penjualan langsung sukses catalog [perusahaan/ rombongan] untuk mendisain penjualan mereka catalogs. Direktur Mengiklankan adalah di (dalam) lowongan kerja pertengahan nya 50 s dan mempunyai, dari tahun ke tahun, mempunyai suatu karier sukses. Ia adalah di (dalam) akhir-akhirnya nya 40 s ketika komputer desktop yang pertama datang ke dalam tempat kerja dan ia tidak punya minat akan pelajaran suatu teknologi baru. Ia mengasumsikan, bahwa sebab ia belum lowongan kerja pernah perlu teknologi komputer untuk berhasil di masa lalu bahwa ia didn t memerlukan ia/nya sekarang.

Pada mulanya ia lepas belajar lowongan kerja komputer dengan menganggap enteng teknologi yang baru, dan kemudiannya ia bersandar pada karyawan nya untuk tulis nya emails, jadwal, spreadsheet dan lain lain Secepatnya, ia lowongan kerja menjadi satu-satunya eksekutip perusahaan/ rombongan yang didn t mempunyai suatu komputer pada meja tulis nya. Di (dalam) sikap keras lowongan kerja kepala nya bukan untuk belajar teknologi yang baru, ia telah menjadi suatu dinosaurus.

Ia menentang dan yang marah lowongan kerja pelajaran bagaimana cara menggunakan suatu komputer. Pada awal setiap tahun ia buat suatu resolusi untuk mendapat/kan suatu komputer dan belajar segalanya tentang itu; tetapi ia lowongan kerja tidak pernah mengikuti melalui/sampai.

Ketika ia mencoba untuk memodifikasi lowongan kerja suatu file komputer sendirinya, ia akan memegang/menjaga tikus memutar kembali. Ketika ia mendapat/kan tanggapan ia ingin, ia d membanting (pintu) tikus menurun/jatuh pada meja tulis di (dalam) frustrasi.

Yang sungguh sial ia atas dengan lowongan kerja perubahan yang teknologi yang komputer mempunyai buatan mencetak industri juga, atau bagaimana perangkat lunak disain menghubungkan dengan perubahan itu. Ia akan memberi lowongan kerja merindukan ceramah kuliah pada ketinggalan jaman mencetak teknik tanpa pemahaman yang perhatian nya tentang metoda model kuno bisa dikurangi.

Suatu hari perusahaan/ rombongan lowongan kerja telah dijual, dan ketika manajemen yang baru datang terkaan yang terjadi? Ia telah memaksa supaya awal pengunduran diri sebab ia kekurangan ketrampilan komputer itu dan pengetahuan yang teknis industri nya. Walaupun ia mempunyai atas 25 tahun dengan perusahaan/ rombongan, ketrampilan nya di-set adalah tidak cukup untuk lowongan kerja seseorang di (dalam) posisi nya.

Hari ini, para manajer setengah lowongan kerja umur siapa yang belum pernah punya harus lebih dulu menggunakan teknologi komputer sebelum/di depan diperlukan untuk belajar dengan pemberi kerja mereka. Yang sungguh beruntung, lowongan kerja hari ini ada banyak sumber daya yang tersedia secara rinci untuk membantu para eksekutip dewasa belajar ketrampilan mereka lowongan kerja harus tinggal produktif tempat kerja sampai pengunduran diri mereka.

Ada Internet tak terbilang Sumber lowongan kerja daya yang mencakup forum bantuan dan perangkat lunak komputer yang belajar lokasi. Lanjutkan program pendidikan pada universitas dan perguruan tinggi lokal lowongan kerja menawarkan segalanya dari bagaimana cara menggunakan suatu sistem operasi untuk mengedepan spreadsheet dan presentasi. Bagi mereka yang ingin belajar pada langkah mereka sendiri, di (dalam) keleluasaan pribadi rumah mereka sendiri, ada perusahaan yang menawarkan perangkat lunak yang belajar pengajaran tambahan lowongan kerja berkisar antara belajar komputer, mengirimkan email, menggunakan internet dan belajar program perangkat lunak bisnis.

Ketika mustahil untuk mempunyai lowongan kerja suatu karier sukses tanpa memeluk komputer dan teknologi hari ini, hal yang paling utama adalah untuk dimulai. Banyak orang-orang sukses, ketika mereka berhubungan dengan suatu teknologi baru untuk pertama kali, mempertimbangkan diri mereka terlalu dungu untuk berhubungan dengan dan takut kegagalan menjadi menakut-nakuti; tidak lowongan kerja ada apapun untuk takut... komputer mu menang jika kamu melakukan kesalahan, dan segera kamu menjadi suatu seperti sisa.

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5 Fakta Lowongan Kerja Penting Orang dewasa

5 Fakta Penting Orang dewasa Harus Mengetahui Menjadi Kait

Orang dewasa Orthodontia adalah lowongan kerja sumber usaha besar. Lebih 40-something tahun orang tua tua sudah akhirnya mendapat semua anak-anak mereka ke luar dari kait dan sekarang putaran mereka. Beberapa middle-agers lowongan kerja baru saja menjadi mulut metal sebab mereka ada di suatu titik di (dalam) hidup mereka ketika mereka dapat akhirnya usahakan itu. Meski lowongan kerja demikian (orang) yang lain memilih untuk kawat sebab setelah permulaan atas setelah suatu perceraian mereka akhirnya siapkan untuk mendapat/kan senyuman lurus/langsung permai itu!

Jika kamu berbuat sesuatu lowongan kerja yang sukar mempertimbangkan ulang (diri) sendiri, di sini adalah beberapa bit informasi mengetahui sebelum/di depan pembuatan suatu keputusan. Ada pada dasarnya tiga jenis ibu kait dan bapak lowongan kerja lebih memilih untuk: tanda-kurung [yang] jelas bersih metal baku dan tak kelihatan. Orang-Orang yang baku adalah paling hemat biaya lowongan kerja dan kamu kaleng genap ber;ubah warna rombongan karet mu seperti semua pinggul, dinginkan anak kambing sedang lakukan. Kan tanda-kurung adalah sedikit lowongan kerja ukuran lebih besar dibanding orang-orang yang metal itu. Tergantung pada mu menggigit kamu tidak mempunyai cukup ruang untuk mendapat/kan orang-orang yang jelas bersih pada gigi lebih rendah mu, sedikitnya tidak pada awalnya. Kawat masih metal dan kamu dapat lihat kait pada [atas] gigi mu, mereka ulang bukan sebagai nyata. Kelemahan lowongan kerja adalah mereka adalah sedikit lebih mahal dibanding tanda-kurung yang metal dan ketika [itu] datang waktu untuk membuka, mengambil sedikit lebih lowongan kerja usaha dan sebagai konsekwensi suatu gelisah lebih kecil/sedikit. Akhirnya ada yang kait yang tak kelihatan pergi di belakang gigi mu, yang bukan pada medan seperti lowongan kerja kebanyakan. Itu mengambil sebentar lebih panjang

Satakan mahal, kamu pada rencana pada membelanjakan sekitar $ 4,000 untuk kait mu. Yang dengan jelas kamu akan temukan beberapa dokter gigi siapa yang akan melakukan itu untuk lebih sedikit, dan beberapa untuk lowongan kerja lebih. Itu benar-benar tergantung juga pada panjangnya dan kekejaman perawatan. Jika kamu mempunyai orthodontia pemenuhan asuransi, beberapa rencana menutupi lowongan kerja semua [bagi/kepada] 50% tentang biaya-biaya total itu. Kebanyakan dokter gigi akan mengijinkan kamu untuk membuat pembayaran bulanan. Kamu lowongan kerja diperlukan untuk menurunkan suatu pembayaran pada senyuman indah baru mu.

Satu hal kamu tidak dengar inisial konsultasi mu , namun lain orang dewasa yang sudah mendahului kamu akan membuktikan tentang adalah bahwa ketika kamu pada awalnya mendapat/kan kait mu mengenakan gigimu lowongan kerja menyakiti! Itu menyakiti banyak dan untuk sepanjang waktu! Dengan anak-anak mereka ceritakan mungkin saja suatu gelisah untuk dua atau tiga hari dan untuk mengambil Ibuprophin jika dibutuhkan untuk sakit. itu Bukan kasus dengan orang dewasa, walaupun mereka boleh memberi mu instruksi yang sama. Mikirkan itu. Anak yang lowongan kerja mendapat/kan kait mempunyai gigi permanen mereka untuk biasanya tiga bulan atau tiga tahun. Mereka besar tempat berlindung gigi menjadi juga terbiasa menggantungkan penempatan sekarang mereka.

Orang dewasa, pada sisi lain, pasti lowongan kerja mempunyai gigi permanen itu affixed mulut mereka untuk 20-35 tahun sebelum menjadi kait. Mereka mengenakan pindah;gerakkan seperti dengan mudah atau sebagai dengan sepenuh hati. Satu ibu membagi bersama bahwa dia gembira dia telah menunda sakit kuat meds dari c-section nya lima tahun utama/lebih dulu. Dia meratap lowongan kerja bahwa dia merasa seperti seekor gajah sedang duduk dalam nya menuju ke arah 10-days lurus/langsung. Lebih lanjut, dia melanjut dia d agak berhasil/ melewati lain 52 jam tenaga kerja

Ini adalah bukan untuk menakutkan lowongan kerja kamu. Itu mendapat/kan banyak lebih mudah dan kamu genap melupakan kamu mempunyai terpasang. Kapan kamu mendapat/kan penyesuaian tiap-tiap delapan lowongan kerja minggu atau kira-kira segitu, kamu ulang seperti umumnya menawarkan 24-36 jam, dan aspirin membantu. Sakit yang menjengkelkan pada awalnya ketika kamu lowongan kerja pertama mendapat/kan terpasang. Minta sakit meds. Jangan biarkan [mereka/nya] ceritakan [kepada] kamu untuk mengambil beberapa Tylenol dan kamu lowongan kerja jadilah bagus tiga hari. Kamu ulang harus berbuat kesadaran akan hal buruk jika kamu percaya bahwa.

Tetapi cepat sekali sama sekali, rata-rata 18-24 bulan lowongan kerja kamu akan mempunyai suatu Hollywood tersenyum dan kehendak semua telah berharga itu! Mbuka lebar/luas [siapa] yang berikutnya?

Informasi terdapat di artikel ini adalah untuk lowongan kerja tujuan bidang pendidikan hanya dan tidaklah diharapkan untuk secara medis mendiagnose, perlakukan atau menyembuhkan manapun penyakit. Konsultasi suatu praktisi pelayanan kesehatan permulaan manapun program pelayanan kesehatan.

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Lowongan Sukses di Tempat Kerja

Sukses di tempat kerja

Adalah susah untuk lowongan kerja percaya bahwa ada orang-orang di (dalam) kekuatan pekerja masa kini yang tidak mengetahui bagaimana cara menggunakan suatu komputer. Di (dalam) masyarakat masa kini, menjadi orang buta huruf komputer adalah setara dengan yang sedang secara fungsional orang buta huruf. Yang sungguh-sungguh tak seorangpun membaca artikel ini adalah orang buta huruf komputer, tetapi lowongan kerja barangkali kamu mengetahui seseorang yang berpikir mereka dapat menghindari komputer dan tetap sukses di tempat kerja. Beri aku kesempatan ceritakan lowongan kerja kamu suatu cerita tentang seorang temanku baik kembali ketika aku bekerja/lancar pada Motorola. Perusahaan/ rombongan memindahkan/bergerak pabrikasi dinamo arus tukar mobil lepas pantai, menghasilkan perpindahan nya kepada departemen ku. Walaupun ia mempunyai sekitar 20 tahun dengan lowongan kerja perusahaan/ rombongan, ini diharapkan untuk perhentian yang terakhirnya sebelum/di depan menjadi booted ke luar pintu.

Aku menerangkan bahwa ia memerlukan lowongan kerja untuk garis besar seri komponen dan kemudian menggunakan yang menurut bagan untuk menggambar/menarik bentuk antar koneksi komponen. Kemudian, barangkali menyusun kembali komponen jika itu akan lowongan kerja mengakibatkan lebih sedikit memotong alur. Aku juga menerangkan sesuatu (yang) jauh lebih dalam, bagaimana lowongan kerja cara berhadapan dengan kompleksitas teknologi. Banyak orang-orang, ketika mereka berhubungan dengan teknologi, mempertimbangkan diri mereka terlalu dungu untuk berhubungan dengan itu. Teknologi hanya lowongan kerja untuk genius dan geeks. Kadang-Kadang teknologi adalah terlalu kompleks, tetapi adalah bukan sebab lowongan kerja orang-orang adalah dungu, adalah sebab teknologi dengan kurang baik dirancang.

Ia telah ditugaskan kepada saya sebagai suatu Teknisi Elektronika, lowongan kerja dan tugas yang pertama yang aku memberi dia adalah ke denah adalah suatu sirkit dicetak kecil ( pc) menumpang. Itu adalah lowongan kerja suatu sirkit kecil untuk suatu penguji/papan suara, maka drafting komputer tidaklah diperlukan. Ia bisa menguraikan ia/nya dengan ringkas secara tertulis. Setelah suatu hari, ia kembali kepada lowongan kerja saya menjelaskan bahwa ia tidak mempunyai kemampuan yang teknis ke denah suatu pc menumpang. Suatu Teknisi Elektronika yang tidak lowongan kerja bisa denah adalah suatu pc sederhana? Jangan semua Teknisi Elektronika menganggap seperti dirumah sendiri sirkit kegemaran? Sedikitnya semua lowongan kerja teknisi aku mengenal lakukan.

Sebagai contoh, mengambil lowongan kerja perangkat lunak, suatu program grafik, spreadsheet atau database. Apakah diharapkan pemakai perangkat lunak adalah seorang programmer komputer, atau seekor orang kebanyakan? Aplikasi ini dimaksudkan untuk lowongan kerja penggunaan oleh seekor orang kebanyakan. Jika suatu aplikasi adalah kompleks untuk orang kebanyakan, aplikasi dalam keadaan bersalah- bukan pemakai. Mengapa kebanyakan komputer dan aplikasi perangkat lunak yang terlalu kompleks untuk orang kebanyakan? Sebab mereka lowongan kerja dirancang oleh para programmer yang merasa tertindas untuk mendapat/kan produk [itu] ke luar pintu itu. Apakah aplikasi mempunyai sederhana, easy-to-use membantu file? Pengembang Perangkat lunak lowongan kerja mempertimbangkan file bantuan genap lebih sedikit penting dibanding aplikasi usabilas.

Garis Alas/Pantat adalah, orang-orang lowongan kerja tidaklah dungu- komputer dan aplikasi perangkat lunak terlalu kompleks.

Di (dalam) dunia masa kini para pekerja diperlukan untuk lowongan kerja menggunakan komputer dan teknologi, bagaimana mungkin mereka berhadapan dengan kompleksitas itu? Kembali ke cerita tentang teman ku pada Motorola.

Setelah menerima instruksi ku, ia dengan sukses menyelesaikan pc tata ruang. Aku kemudian memperkenalkan dia ke Komputer Mengotomatiskan Rancang-Bangun ( CAE). Aku menunjukkan dia bagaimana cara menyeret lowongan kerja komponen elektronik dari suatu perpustakaan, menggunakan untuk alur sirkit, membuat komputer menirukan fungsi sirkit, dan kemudian membuat tataruang komputer suatu pc menumpang untuk sirkit.

Ia bisa dengan mudah menguasai teknologi kompleks sebab ia sekarang memahami bahwa ia bukan dungu. Komputer kompleks. Ketika ia perlu bantuan, ia belajar file bantuan atau seseorang untuk bantuan. Yang lowongan kerja secepatnya, CAE ketrampilan nya menjadi dikenal dan aku hilang dia ke manajer lain. " Perhentian akhir nya menjadi booted ke luar pintu?" Aku tidak berpikir maka. Ada samasekali tidak Motorola akan dibiarkan lowongan kerja karyawan berharga ini lolos. Sungguhpun adalah para programmer menyalahkan perangkat lunak dan komputer itu lowongan kerja adalah terlalu kompleks, yang tidak membebaskan kamu dari semua tanggung jawab. Kamu harus berikhtiar. Seperti teman ku pada Motorola, kamu harus belajar file lowongan kerja bantuan atau seseorang untuk membantu ketika kamu memerlukan itu. Tidak hanya kamu harus belajar file tetapi kamu harus pula akan " mencoba berbagai hal".

Salah satu cara terbaik untuk lowongan kerja belajar untuk " mencoba berbagai hal". Jika komputer meledakkan sebab kamu melakukan kesalahan, kamu sedang penggunaan dengan tidak sesuai merancang perangkat lunak. Ketika lowongan kerja kamu sedang pelajaran bagaimana cara melaksanakan suatu fungsi dengan suatu komputer, jika kamu harapkan kamu boleh harus lowongan kerja melaksanakan fungsi sama itu lagi, mencatat. Tak seorangpun akan berpikir kamu adalah dungu jika kamu mencatat. Tetapi jika kamu nafkah berulang-ulang kali bagaimana cara melaksanakan fungsi yang sama, mereka akan berpikir kamu adalah terlalu dungu untuk mencatat.

Banyak orang Orang-Orang takut bahwa jika lowongan kerja mereka klik pada hal yang salah, komputer akan meledak/kan dan mereka akan disalahkan itu. Suatu aplikasi perangkat lunak dirancang mencegah lowongan kerja pemakai dari pembuatan suatu kekeliruan fatal, yang manapun dengan pembuatan ia/nya mustahil, atau dengan menyediakan suatu memperingatkan pesan. Suatu aplikasi dirancang lowongan kerja biarkan pemakai " mundur" atau membalikkan manapun tindakan.

Ketika aku bekerja/lancar pada lowongan kerja Motorola, aku menggunakan suatu teknik "pukulan" untuk membuat lambang nampak dan gelisah layar komputer seperti diguna-guna. Sebagian orang aku " Tuhan Yang elektronik". Bagaimana lowongan kerja cara aku mendapatkan sangat baik? Aku mencoba berbagai hal. Aku gagalkan. Aku belajar. Aku mencoba lagi. Aku memahami teknologi itu lowongan kerja kompleks. Lalu apa? Di (dalam) masyarakat masa kini, menjadi orang buta huruf komputer adalah setara dengan yang sedang secara fungsional orang buta huruf. Usaha untuk lowongan kerja belajar file bantuan dan untuk " mencoba berbagai hal". Jangan mendapat/kan ditakut-takuti atau menyalahkan diri anda jika lowongan kerja kamu tidak berhasil pada usaha yang pertama. Komputer tidak akan meledakkan jika kamu melakukan kesalahan. Kamu tidak bisa jadilah sukses di tempat kerja jika kamu gagal untuk memeluk komputer dan teknologi.***

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Lowongan Kerja Rasio Laba Modal Tinggi

Lemparkan dan Memperbaiki Rumah untuk Rasio Laba Modal Tinggi

Investor mencintai untuk membuat suatu kembalian lowongan kerja tinggi pada uang mereka. Itu mengapa sangat banyak jutawan menanam modal dalam milik tetap. Kamu dapat pengungkitan uang mu yang menggunakan lain uang orang-orang ketika kamu membiayai milik tetap.

Banyak investor milik tetap membuat $ 5,000 untuk $ 10,000 atau lebih dengan lowongan kerja melemparkan rumah. Investor ini membeli suatu rumah dari seorang penjual disusahkan dan menjual kembali ia/nya lowongan kerja dengan cepat untuk suatu laba. Hanya karena seorang penjual mempunyai permasalahan serius seperti suatu perceraian atau penutupan menunggu keputusan tidak berarti rumah [itu] adalah lowongan kerja suatu tukang pasang/tukang suap.

Lain investor milik tetap menyukai untuk membeli tukang pasang/tukang suap dari para penjual disusahkan. Tukang pasang/tukang suap yang disusahkan menyajikan tawaran yang terbaik untuk membuat kembalian lowongan kerja yang paling tinggi pada [atas] uang mu. Sebagai contoh, jika kamu ditaruh 5% menurun/jatuh pada [atas] a $ 200,000 rumah, membelanjakan $ 5,000 memperbaiki rumah atas, dan lain $ 3,000 pembayaran, investasi tunai mu total $ 18,000. Jika kamu menjual rumah untuk a $ 70,000 laba seperti banyak orang rehabbers, kamu dapat lihat lowongan kerja bahwa kembalian mu pada investasi mu $ 18,000 untuk dua bulan melebihi hampir semua jenis investasi. Rencana Investasi ini berasumsi bahwa kamu mempunyai pengetahuan dan ketrampilan, waktu untuk bekerja pada tukang pasang/tukang suap mu, dan bahwa kamu menjua.
Banyak para penjual disusahkan menawarkan rumah utama di (dalam) kondisi sempurna yang discounted untuk lowongan kerja suatu penjualan cepat. Para penjual yang disusahkan melompat di kesempatan untuk mendapat/kan memberesi; menjernihkan; bebas dari permasalahan berlimpahan mereka dengan suatu penawaran untuk menutup sepuluh hari. Untuk membeli suatu rumah lowongan kerja dengan cepat, kamu perlu untuk disiapkan untuk menawarkan tunai atau suatu mempunyai menjamin/mengamankan pinjaman pada tempatnya dengan suatu pemberi pinjaman hipotik lowongan kerja dapat dipercaya.

Yang ter]akhir bagian dari lowongan kerja penyamaan, penjualan rumahmu dengan cepat pembeli berkwalitas kamu harus lakukan lowongan kerja pekerjaan rumah mu. Banyak investor mencari bantuan cuma-cuma dari seorang petugas pinjaman untuk menghargai rumah lowongan kerja dan untuk memenuhi persyaratan para pembeli mereka. Investor ini mendapat komisi pengawas penjualan dengan lowongan kerja penjualan rumah mereka pemilik. Isu yang paling utama, bagaimana kamu memperbaiki rumah mu, memastikan bahwa kamu dengan cepat menarik seorang pembeli berkeinginan membayar harga yang paling tinggi untuk diubah mu. Investor yang lowongan kerja menggunakan Strategi Psikologi Disain untuk memperbaiki rumah menjual rumah mereka, untuk/karena lebih dari yang harga dari penjual, tiga jam setelah meletakkan pekarangan/galangan kapal melapor akan keluar.

Apakah kamu ingin mencari lowongan kerja uang menanam modal dalam milik tetap dengan melemparkan atau memperbaiki rumah, kamu perlu memahami pasar mu. Untuk dimulai bisnis milik tetap mu, pergi rumah berbelanja. Kamu akan segera belajar lowongan kerja bagaimana cara mengambil suatu penerjunan atau suatu tukang pasang/tukang suap dan jadilah pada membuat suatu kembali[an tinggi pada uang mu.***

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Lowongan Management Trainee | PT. SMART Tbk

PT. SMART Tbk. perusahaan agribisnis yang bergerak di bidang perkebunan dan teknologi pengolahan kelapa sawit dalam rangka ekspansinya membutuhkan profesional unggulan untuk menduduki posisi-posisi sebagai berikut :


Persyaratan Umum :

1. Pria / wanita lajang, berusia maksimal 27 tahun.

2. Sarjana Teknik Mesin (konversi energi), Teknik Perkapalan (Naval), Sarjana Ekonomi, IPK min. 2,9

3. Bersedia penempatan di seluruh daerah operasional PT SMART (Surabaya, Jakarta, Medan dan Kalimantan Selatan)

4. Menguasai program komputer aplikasi min. Microsoft Office & Bahasa Inggris.

5. Siap bergabung 1 Juni 2009

Apabila Anda merasa orang yang tepat untuk tantangan ini, segera kirim CV anda via e-mail :

Pelaksanaan seleksi akan dilakukan secepatnya, waktu dan tempat akan dihubungi oleh perusahaan.

Informasi mengenai perusahaan silahkan kunjungi website:

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Lowongan Civil Engineer, Network Administrator, Visual Basic Programer

Various job openings in gulf (

for details visit :]

for details visit :

for details visit :

for details visit :

for details visit :

for details visit :




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Lowongan Sales Supervisor & Senior Auditor | Cikarang Bekasi

Sales Supervisor

* Pria atau Wanita
* Min. Diploma 3
* Pengalaman sebagai sales 3 tahun, atau sebagai sales manager selama 1 tahun.
* Pengalaman bekerja di bidang Property.
* Komunikatif, kemampuan bahasa Inggris, leadership, dan relationship bagus.

Senior Auditor

* Pria atau Wanita berusia 25-45 tahun
* Pendidikan min. S1
* Minimal 2 tahun sebagai internal auditor.
* Bahasa Inggris minimal pasif.

Semua posisi akan ditempatkan di Cikarang Bekasi.
Kirimkan lamaran anda ke

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Lowongan Supervisor| | Property Management di Indonesia

Kami adalah Perusahaan Property Management di Indonesia saat ini sedang membutuhkan posisi:


Kualifikasi :

1. Pendidikan minimum STM

2. Memiliki keterampilan di bidang sipil atau pertukangan

3. Memiliki pengalaman minimum 1 tahun, lebih disukai yang berpengalaman dari Penelola Gedung Perkantoran/Mall/Trade Center

4. Bersedia bekerja dengan jadwal shift

Kirimkan surat lamaran, CV, beserta pasfoto warna terakhir Anda ke alamat berikut sesuai dengan minat anda :


HRD Recruitment

Wisma Mulia, Lantai 53

Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 42

Jakarta Selatan 12710

atau email ke:

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Who Shot Me in the Foot?

Who Shot Me in the Foot?
By Bob Maitland
The Manager

A department manager in company #1 wants input from the employees. This manager told the employees, "I want to know what is going on, good or bad. I want to know your thoughts." Some employees took her at face value and came in. The conversations tended to be about things that are going wrong, But hey! That is how you find out. They have a conversation and the employee goes back to work. The manager thinks, "Life is good! What a leader I am!"

Over time, the numbers of conversations diminish. The manager thinks that this means that there must be fewer things to complain about. I must be doing something right.

The thing that is curious is that the numbers are down. The people seem to be more irritable. The manager asks them about it. The employees respond that everything is OK or they tell the manager about a small problem that occurred one day last week.

The VP of Operations in company #2 wants an early warning of problems. He knows that it is easier to correct small problems early on before they develop into big problems. He doesn't hear about many problems. When he asks, he is told that everything is running fine.

Big problems continue to explode into view.

What is wrong with this picture? If everything is good, then why is there a drop off in productivity and morale? Why do people refuse to alert the VP when something is starting to go wrong?

I discussed this situation with the employees. What I found would be quite a shock to the managers.

The Employees

In company #1, a newer employee wanted to take the manager up on the offer to speak with her. The longer tenured employees advised her not to do it. But the new employee being a new employee, thought that they were just being contrary old-timers and that she could change things. The manager was pleased that she came in... right up to the point that she described a problem. Then things changed. The manager became an agent of the inquisition and grilled the employee relentlessly. The employee reported afterward, that she felt like the prime suspect in a murder investigation. She reported that the manager pointed out all of the things that the employee did wrong and gave the impression that the whole thing was probably the employee's fault. The manager said that she would look into the situation but no apparent action was ever taken.

At company #2, a professional employee told me, "If you give bad news to that *&%#$ (the VP), you could wind up cleaning toilets on the third shift." A curious thing happened when I discussed this with the VP. He shouted that he does not shoot the messenger. His face got red. He rose up to his full height, clenched his fist, pointed his jaw at me and slowly moved across the room toward me. If I were his employee, I would have been intimidated and I would never again have made the mistake of telling him something he didn't want to hear.

The Problem

Both of these managers had good intentions. Unfortunately, the way they handled these situations undermined the good they wanted to accomplish. If employees avoid using your open door policy at all cost, the manager is not getting the desired results. If no employee would risk being the messenger, the VP will never find out about emerging problems.

How do you know if the messages you think you are sending to your employees are the same messages they receive? In both cases, the verbal message was clear. However, the message the employees received as a result of acting on these messages sent an entirely different message that was much more clearly received and created a much bigger impact.

The most important step is to know for yourself what you really want. There are things that you really want based on your values and who you are (gut). There are other things that you think are good management things to do (mind). When you are planning to communicate to employees, think it through. This means thinking about what happens if the message is accepted as you intended. What will happen and how will you handle it. If the message is acted on in a way you didn't intend, what will the unintended consequences look like and how would you handle it. Then check this intellectual exercise against your gut to see how it would feel. Then decide how to proceed.

If you say that you want one thing but your behavior demonstrates that want something else, the mixed message forces employees not to trust what you say. This is not healthy for you or the organization. You may think that you want employee input. But if you're offended when challenged or you can't stand interruptions or don't want to deal with piddly little things they might bring up, the employees will experience your displeasure. Don't delude yourself into thinking that you can hide it from them. Don't offer an open door policy if you can't gracefully handle the fallout.

The Solution

1) How do you know if you have a problem? The quickest way to find out is to ask. The best situation is that there is at least one person in the organization who will tell you the truth, even if it is something that you don't want to hear. Then ask this person. When you ask, you must be open to receiving the information. You must be prepared for the response to be difficult to hear. Your normal reaction may be to get angry or become defensive. Be prepared for your reaction and stifle it.

1a) If you do not have a courageous truth-teller in your organization, then select the person most likely to tell you the truth if encouraged. Tell them that you think that you are creating problems that you are not aware of and that you need their help. Again, the information may be difficult to hear or you may not believe it. If you think that you may have difficulty maintaining your emotional equilibrium, you should warn the person in advance that you may revert to old behavior. Ask the person to remind you that you asked to hear this straight information If you make employees uncomfortable they will not give you a straight answer. They will tell you what you want to hear. You must reassure them that you do need to know and why.

2) Then listen!

3) Ask clarifying questions. "What did I do?" "How did that make you feel?" "how would you prefer that I respond?"

4) Do not respond. Do not get defensive. Do not justify your actions. Do not try to convince the person that he/she misunderstood. Just take it all in.

5) Thank the person for taking the risk.

6) Then go away and think about it. Why might they have thought this? Only after you understand their point of view should you look at solutions.

7) Next day, thank the person again for being helpful. The person took a risk and may be worried about ramifications. Put his/her mind at ease.

8) Now you are prepared to look at how you would like things to be. How should I move forward? What should I do differently?

CAUTION: If you will not like the answer and will not act on the information, DO NOT ASK THE QUESTION!

My recommendation is that you picture in your mind how you want your organization to operate. Then compare that to the reality of how it operates. If there is a difference, then you have a problem. The way an organization operates is created by the top of the organization. If you have people that report to you, you are at the top of a organization regardless of where you are in a hierarchy. You can change how it operates!

Find out what the problem is, even if it is you. Then make the changes to steer your organization in the right direction.

Bob Maitland.
Bob helps the leaders of companies to improve their bottom lines by improving focus on the business goals throughout the company, increasing employee engagement and streamlining processes.
Maitland Performance Solutions
When you absolutely have to get better


Leadership Lessons From Comedy of French and Saunders - Realistic Goals
By Jay Koch
Sometimes we can learn serious lessons from comedy. In a very funny video titled "Ponies" by the comedy team of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, we can learn some lessons about leadership. At one point in the video, Dawn's horse, Peter Pan, ignores her and grazes, while Dawn imagines winning the Badminton Horse Trials 3-day event. When she can't even get Peter Pan's head up, she tells him he is wonderful anyway. She leans down on him and changes her fantasy to crossing the desert.

Dawn's character makes several leadership mistakes here. First, she asks Peter Pan to lift his head and to move off. When he doesn't she just allows him to keep grazing. At that moment, Peter Pan knows she is not an effective leader, and does not have to do anything she asks. Second, she stops and cuddles him when he disobeys. Again, that teaches him that it's OK to keep grazing.

The most egregious error Dawn makes is that she has completely unrealistic goals. Peter Pan does not know what the Badminton event is, nor does he have the physical abilities to compete there. So, Dawn's fantasy is harmless.

What if she were running a business and set unrealistic goals? It would be one thing to stretch her employees expectations, like "We will increase our sales 10% over the next year." If she is an effective leader, her employees would be excited by the possibility. But, if she said, "We will triple our sales this month," he employees would just write her off and ignore her, just like Peter Pan kept on grazing. If the leader proposes goals that are completely unreasonable, she will lose her following.

When you watch these comediennes in this video at, look for how lack of leadership makes their horse experience much more difficult, even though they seem to have a good time.

You don't have to have a horse to learn how horsemanship will help you be a better leader. Let me share my life lessons I learned while astride my horse.

Get FREE instant access to my e-book, "10 Leadership Secrets Whispered by Horses," at

Jay Koch
The Best Horse Sense
Our horses will teach you how to be a better leader.

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Remove the Roadblocks

Remove the Roadblocks
By J Randy Hall
As an executive coach I have the privilege of working with some amazing business leaders. It's extremely satisfying to help these executives make a small shift in their perspective and then watch them use their new outlook to make changes, sometimes dramatic, in their own behavior. Sometimes a very simple idea can make measurable changes in how they operate if they are committed to improving and open to feedback. And they wont get too far as an executive without those two attributes anyway.

I was working with a senior executive not too long ago who had gotten some feedback from his peers that he wasn't speaking up enough on conference calls and in meetings. This leader had some solid ideas and opinions and was more in touch with customer needs than many executives I've worked with. Most of his peers and especially his superiors, wouldn't have described him that way though, because he was keeping that knowledge all to himself.

After a few discussions, it became clear that while this leader had valuable information and ideas that would add to the meetings, he didn't believe that was the case. He had conditioned himself to think that someone else would probably contribute the same thing eventually and that his ideas my not be as good or as relevant as the other executives in the room.

Once we identified the mental roadblock he had created for himself we worked to shift it so he would add more value to the business as well as his career. This executive needed a constant reminder that he possessed value that would never be realized by the business if he kept waiting for someone else to add it. We created an index card for him with three thoughts that he needed to keep clearly in mind while participating in meetings.

1. My knowledge and experience will add value to this meeting.

2. People in this meeting want to hear my thoughts and ideas.

3. Our business and my career will benefit from me being heard.

The executive kept this card with him at all times. He would set it in front of him on conference calls and slide it discretely out of his binder and look at it during meetings. Not only did he feel better about contributing to the discussions over time but the feedback about him shifted from "He's very reserved in meetings" to "He's in touch with the business and our customers." It didn't happen overnight but by consciously changing his mindset by using the card before and during meetings, he gradually became more vocal and created a new behavior for himself. He also created a more accurate perception among his colleagues of his knowledge, abilities and value to the organization.

What's interesting is that this executive already had the skill he needed to contribute effectively in the meeting. This wasn't about teaching him any new skills. He simply needed to believe that he brought real value to the discussion and once he created and reinforced that conviction for himself, the new actions then followed.

There are many ways to change a mindset you have that is limiting you and often, coaching executives is more about removing the mental roadblocks than it is teaching new skills. No matter what actions or behaviors you are trying to change for yourself, creating a visual reminder that helps you consistently raise awareness will engage your brain and help you make the shift. Over time, the conscious effort becomes an unconscious habit whether it's speaking up in meetings or achieving your own personal goals.

What's holding you back from being your best? Here's one thing that you can be sure of, if there's something holding you or any of your business leaders back, then it's holding your business back as well.

Randy Hall is the founder and principal of 4th Gear Consulting. He is passionate about developing amazing leaders and thriving, principled organizations. He believes that nothing will have greater impact on our economy, our communities, our lives and our kids' lives.

For more than a decade Randy has worked for and with organizations to help them realize more of their potential. His most recent roles in the corporate world were Senior Vice President of Learning and Leadership Development at Bank of America and Global Director of Learning and Development at Pfizer. Prior to moving into leadership development, he spent several years in sales and led his own high performing teams.

You can contact Randy at or visit him on the web at You can also read more of Randy's articles at


Attitudes and Behaviours For Success in Business
By Liz Makin
Business owners running successful small and medium sized businesses have a range of attitudes and behaviours that contribute to the success of their businesses. The good news is that these attitudes and behaviours can be learnt and you do not have to be born with them.

We have identified below some of the key attitudes and behaviours that business owners of successful small and medium sized businesses display for you to consider:

Keep focused on the business vision, the goals and the strategy that they have set for the business and its financial performance. They direct their minds and all the business activities to achieving the business vision, goals and strategy and maximising the financial performance of the business.

Look for business opportunities at all times. They are constantly aware of the changing business environment and are always looking for business opportunities.

Take responsibility for making things happen in their business, being proactive and accepting blame if things don't go according to plan. They look at how things can be improved, reflect on what the business can do differently and always retain overall responsibility for the business.

Communicate effectively with everyone they deal with. They are emotionally intelligent, use good communication skills, vary these in line with who they are communicating with and are sensitive to the needs of others.

Take action. They plan how they are going to achieve their business goals and strategy and then ensure the action is taken that is needed to implement the plan, without procrastinating. They exhibit a can do attitude.

Take manageable risks in the business. They assess the risks of the actions they plan to take and minimise the risks in advance. They do not take risks that are out of proportion to the size of the business.

Are passionate and highly motivated about the business and are inspired and motivated about what they are doing. In turn they inspire and motivate those around them.

Are open and receptive to people, ideas, learning and information, both within and outside of the business. They are also happy to share information and pass on their experience and advice to others.

Think positively. They maintain a positive attitude and those around them pick up on their positive energy, they feel in control and confident and perform at their best. Everyone in their company feels positive and customers want to do business with them.

See the business from different perspectives. They understand how the different stakeholders in the business see the business and what their needs are, including customers, suppliers, shareholders, staff and even their competitors. They focus on meeting the needs of the different stakeholders.

Are versatile and adaptive to the business and the environment the business operates in. They accept that things do not always go to plan and adapt to external forces and changing customer needs. They embrace change and do not panic when the unexpected happens.

Develop their social capital. They develop good business relationships, both within and outside the business, focusing on building a good network, the reputation of the business and their standing in the community.

Learn from experiences. They learn from all their business experiences, including both success and failure, and focus on continuous improvement in their business.

Have perseverance and resilience. They persevere and do not give up, exhibiting an inner well of determination and resilience, but they are not arrogant or pig-headed.

Are happy to delegate and outsource business functions and tasks for the benefit of the business. They do not persist in doing everything themselves, instead developing and leading those around them to achieve their potential and to maximise the business performance.

Show respect to all the different people they deal with, including their competitors. They take everyone seriously and are willing to give them time and attention.

Believe in themselves and their business. They have a high level of self belief and also believe in the direction they are taking the business. However they are consciously aware of what is happening in and outside their business.

Draw on the help and support of others. They locate themselves in an entrepreneurial environment and draw on the help and support of others where they don't have the relevant expertise or where they need a sounding board or support and motivation.

You may want to compare the above with the attitudes and behaviours that you display and see if there are areas that you want to improve or adopt. In thinking about these you may want to consider successful business owners that you know and what attitudes and behaviours they display and consider modelling yourself on them.

If you would like further information or to use any of our services please refer to the Makin It Happen - Coaching, Mentoring & Stress Management website at or contact Liz Makin at

This article first appeared in the April 2009 edition of the Makin It Happen - Coaching, Mentoring and Stress Management newsletter. Please click here to Sign up for our email newsletter.


Overcoming Fear
By Linda Binns
What are you afraid of? We all have fears of some kind, whether it's fear of public speaking, heights, change, failure or success, there's usually something that we're afraid of. Sometimes we know what it is, but sometimes it's buried deep within. This fear can be sabotaging us and holding us back, yet we never quite know why because it is so deeply buried.

People often tell me that they can't change something they're afraid of. "It's just who I am," they say. Yet I know from experience that's not true. I used to be so afraid of public speaking that nothing would have convinced me to stand up in front of a group of 2 people, let alone 2,000 and yet now I do it regularly. How can that be?

There are many other things I used to be afraid of or uncomfortable with - change for example - and yet now I embrace change and actively move towards it.

I think the first step in transforming any fear is to realize that you have it and secondly, how it's holding you back. I've been very fortunate in my life to have been around people who saw things in me that I couldn't see in myself. One boss I worked for many years ago obviously saw that learning to speak in public would improve my self-confidence tremendously. How he saw that I could do this I don't know. Up until then I had successfully avoided any situation where I would have to speak up in front of a group or even be the center of attention anywhere.

I was working in the Marketing department of a company and my boss was sending some of his marketing executives on a course to improve their presentation skills. He decided to send me with them - I hated him for it at the time! I can't describe to you how terrified I was. I wasn't just uncomfortable with it, I was really terrified. But what, exactly, was I afraid of? Many things I think: saying something wrong, appearing stupid, being 'seen' (I liked to be invisible and work behind the scenes).

One of the worst things about this course, from my perspective, was that our presentations were being video-taped so all the participants could offer feedback on each other's presentations. You know how they say that many people fear public speaking more than they fear dying? That would have been me at that time. Death seemed like a very welcome alternative to me at that point.

Of course initially I sat there, watching other people give their presentations, just dreading the time when they'd get round to me. Then something happened. One of my colleagues, a marketing executive I'd known for several years as very confident, charming and never at a loss for words, was giving one of his presentations. For some reason on this occasion he stumbled over his words. He couldn't think what to say. He stopped. He smiled and apologized, people muttered words of encouragement, and then he continued and finished his presentation.

At that point I started to see things differently. Even though he had stumbled over his words and forgotten what to say, people didn't ridicule him, they were supportive. He didn't feel like a failure and nobody thought of him that way. He handled it with grace. I suddenly watched the other presentations in a new way. I started to realize that I could be at least as good as many of the people there. I started to have hope that I could actually do it without looking totally ridiculous. I did several presentations over the two-day period that we were at this course. I wasn't the best, but I wasn't the worst either. I survived. People still spoke to me. What had I been afraid of all those years?

I'll never be a slick, put together motivational speaker, but then I don't want to be. I'm just me. When I stand in front of a group of people to make a presentation I focus on them and on the information I'm presenting to them. I make mistakes sometimes, the equipment might fail sometimes. It doesn't matter. I can handle it.

How much energy did I waste by being afraid of speaking in front of people for so many years? A lot! Here's the thing about fear - it's not real. It's something that we imagine. If I do this, then that might happen. What's the worst that can happen anyway?

When you have fears that you don't want to face, not only are you wasting energy by trying to suppress and hang on to those fears, but think of all the ways in which they are holding you back. All the things you're not doing because you're afraid. Do yourself a big favor - identify and face those fears now. Here are some tips to help you do so:

· Make a list of things you're afraid of - this could include something you've always wanted to do but haven't done because something's holding you back (even if you don't know what's holding you back yet)
· Think about how much time, energy, opportunity you've wasted by hanging on to these fears
· Pick one and decide to face it and let it go
· Get support - find others who will help you to overcome your fear (if there's nobody you know who would support you, contact me - I know people who will support you)
· Take action - but always make sure you have supportive people around you when you do.

When you finally do the thing you are most afraid of, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. There really is nothing to fear - except fear itself.

Linda Binns provides practical information, tools and guidance to people interested in personal and spiritual growth. Join her free membership program for access to great resources and gifts at

Linda Binns is author of Feng Shui for Your Relationships: Changing Your Environment to Create Better Relationships and The Energetic Edge: How Changing Your Surroundings = BIG Success (

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